Commercial solar panels | Is it energy efficient?

commercial solar panels

Whether you have a household or a commercial building, you can benefit from solar energy if you have the roof space. As the costs of living are rising higher and higher, there no better time to invest. Not only will you reduce the carbon footprint and secure a reliable, renewable energy source also, you will be saving money, which in business can be hard to come by.

Are solar panels efficient for your business?

One of the main reasons to install solar panels for your commercial building is the savings you make. At current installation costs, a solar PV system delivers electricity at a rate of around 5p per kWh including Operations & Maintenance costs. This compares with the current grid supplied rate of approximately 15p per unit.

In many cases your business solar panel system will return enough benefit to achieve a positive cash flow within twenty-four months when you finance the supply and install costs. 

National grid

The national grid is “working to accelerate the development of our clean energy future. In support of this goal, we’ve made significant investments in large-scale renewable energy projects, including wind, solar and battery storage”.

National grid

You can read more about what they do here

Benefits of commercial solar panels

There are many advantages for commercial solar panels. Here are 4 of the main advantages for using solar in your business.

Saving on energy costs

The use of appliances like water heaters, air conditioners in commercial buildings accounts for a significant percentage of energy bills. However, with a solar panel, you can save a lot on electricity bills. Although the initial installation cost can be high, a solar panel will give you good returns on your investments.

Renewable energy

Solar panels get their energy from the sun, which never gets depleted. They don’t use fossil fuels, which can easily get depleted and, worse, still pollute the environment.

Clean energy

Most customers care about how you do business. And will likely want to associate with a company that cares for the environment. With a solar panel in your commercial building, you quit relying on fuels with high emissions and pollutants.

Burning coal or fossil fuel to heat or cool your commercial building results in lots of contaminants. This releases toxic gases into the air and water, which can be avoided by installing a solar panel. Investing in a commercial solar panel conserves the environment making it a safer place for all workers.

Reliability & low maintenance

Solar panels require no maintenance. The solar cells are encased in protective glass and are famed in high-quality aluminium. They can withstand harsh weather, rain, snow, and hail. The nature of the photovoltaic cells used in solar panels isn’t easily breakable. They also come with a warranty that guarantees replacement for any faulty parts.

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