Common roofing problems you might run in to

roof maintenance

There are many common roofing problems you might encounter. Finding out these problems as soon as possible could potentially save you money on repairs and even prevent a full roof renewal. If you are unsure on the condition of your roof, or if you’ve spotted one of the problems listed here, contact your local roofer Daryl Cooke, from Roofing Matters Group. He will be able to provide you will a free quotation.

Structural damage

With the unpredictable weather in the UK, your roof could be at the wrong end of a stick or branch. Debris from trees can cause you gutters and downpipes to be clogged and even break the tiles which could lead to water ingress in the felt. Structural damage can extend way beyond the surface of your roof and lead to serious roofing issues later if it’s not repaired correctly.

Deteriorated flashing

Leadwork on your roof can easily come loose or deteriorate over time, allowing water to seep into the cracks of your home. Flashing is particularly important at junctions such as roof hips and valleys, joints between roofs and vertical walls, roof intersections or projections such as chimneys, dormers, vent pipes, window openings, and so on.

Deteriorated lead flashing is one of the most common roofing problems and if its not fixed quickly, it could cause major leaking in your home.

Broken or missing tiles

There are a few common causes for your roof tiles to break. Birds can nest underneath them if there’s a hole, they often get in under the eaves. Impact damage from bad weather, for example, relatively heavy sticks can drop onto the roof if you live close to a tree. Hail stones are also culprits for breaking roof tiles. The bigger they are, the more likely a tile will break.

Tiles are quite hardy and can resist some impacts, but if there’re any imperfections in the tile (these develop naturally over time) an impact can cause a crack.

Tiles need to be installed with a minimum distance between tiles, and they need to be self-supporting with a consistent weight distribution. If these things are not achieved, the tiles will be subjected to stresses which can cause cracks.

The only way to know if the cause of your broken roof tiles is improper installation, is to have a reputable company inspect your roof like Roofing Matters Group.

Clogged downpipes

Leaves are the most common material for blocking gutters and the downpipes, homes that are surrounded by numerous trees are at an increased risk of leaves blocking their downpipe/gutters. It’s also very common for moss to form on the roof because of the moisture in the tiles and the shade that is sometimes offered by nearby trees. Unfortunately, however, it also tends to find its way into the downpipes.

If you would like your roof to be inspected, you can contact Roofing Matters Group, who will provide you will a free, no obligation quotation.