Danosa partners with Roofing Matters Group as they officially become a premier contractor


With single ply flat roofs being Roofing Mattes Group most requested service, it only made sense to partner with one of the best manufactures in Danosa. Being approved installers for a few years now, Roofing Matters Group has now been officially bumped up to a premier contractor.

This means that they can purchase directly from Danosa and cut out the middleman. So now, Roofing Matters Group can now offer a cheaper quote for their customers!


Who are Danosa?

Danosa is a manufacturer of a wide range of products. Aimed at covering different technical requirements in buildings, such as water tightness, thermal and acoustic insulation, energy-saving, and fire safety.

In addition, the evaluation of the sustainable use of resources and the environmental impact of construction works are part of the criteria that drive the development of new products and the design of new construction systems for both new construction and rehabilitation.

Which products do we use?

Roofing Matters Group mainly use single ply waterproofing PVC membranes for flat roof installations. The two products are DANOPOL + HS and DANOPOL + FV. DANOPOL + HS is a synthetic PVC plasticized membrane, reinforced with polyester net carrier which is designed for flat roof waterproofing, U.V. resistant.

Advantages of Danosa membranes

  • It absorbs structural movements well, to resist the stresses resulting from large spans and the high expansions of deck roofs.
  • High tensile strength.
  • High resistance to piercing.
  • Great elasticity.
  • Great dimensional stability.
  • High resistance to tearing.
  • It limits deformations and stresses in the waterproofing membrane due to the high temperatures.
  • Improves the performance of mechanically fastened sheets by providing a high wind suction resistance value and optimising the density of fastenings.
  • Very high durability with respect to possible degradation due to chemical causes.
  • Very good resistance to micro-organisms, rot, mechanical impact, natural ageing and swelling.
  • Allows for adaptation to any type of geometry.
  • Has good piercing protection from possible mechanical damage, derived from the occasional pedestrian traffic typical of flat roofs.
Danosa premier contractor

If you would like to get in contact with Roofing Matters Group, you can get in touch with the team here and they can arrange for Daryl, to provide you a free quotation.