Heat Gun: A Roofers briefcase

Heat gun

A heat gun is a roofer’s ideal tool for welding a flat roof system such as a single ply membrane. Local Berkshire roofer Daryl Cooke from Roofing Matters Group can’t leave the house without their most important tool Leister Triac heat gun.

Berkshire Roofer

Flat roof installations are Roofing Matters Group’s speciality and their most requested service. Being an approved contractor for Sika/Sarnafil and a Premier contractor for Danosa, two of the best manufactures for single ply membranes, customers can’t resist the new age look for flat roofs.

Leister Triac

The Triac is an intelligent heat gun suited for job sites that require plastic to be welded or moulded. The heat gun is designed to meet the demands of experts in various industries.

Heat Gun

The professional TRIAC heat gun proves its skills in all kinds of weather and at every place of use. Outside on the construction site, as well as inside and even in continuous use. The Traic heat gun enables high joining pressure to be applied. In addition, its slim design makes it a great choice to work with in tight spaces. As with all TRIAC products, the carbon brake protects the heat gun and the actively cooled protective tube protects users when working. Thanks to various nozzle heads, precise work is guaranteed.

Flat roofs

Flat roofing systems are becoming more and more desirable. While in the past it was primarily seen simply as a great option for garages and extensions, today people are installing them to create eco-friendly green roofs or additional outdoor living space.

Single ply is a flat, synthetic polymer based roofing material that provides a waterproofing layer in a single sheet. Sealed at the joints with heat, adhesive or mechanical means, it can be adhered, mechanically fixed and/or ballasted into flat, pitched or green roof systems.

Flat roof

Single ply roofs are lightweight, flexible, cost effective, swift to install and safe. Which makes them increasingly popular for new builds as well as refurbishment projects.

Benefits of a flat roof system

  • Up to a 50-year life expectancy.
  • A well-managed sector with its own Trade Association (SPRA)
  • Suitable for new build and refurbishment applications
  • Suitable for flat, wave form, cupolas etc
  • Low capital cost and cost in use
  • Safe, rapid and clean installation
  • Some products available in a wide range of RAL colours
  • Some products suitable for cost-effective alternative to metal roofing
  • Simple to repair and modify
  • Suitable for photovoltaic system installation
  • Variety of sustainability characteristics including zero life cycle impact.

If you are looking to renew your flat roof or have any other enquiry, get in contact with Roofing Matters Group. You can get in touch with the team here and they can arrange for Daryl, to provide you a free quotation.