Roof replacement: When does your roof need to be replaced?

roof replacement

A standard pitched roof should last between 15-25 years, depending on the initial installation and upkeep. If your roof is reaching the end of its life expectancy or is in a bad state of repair. You must arrange for a roof replacement to avoid any damage to the interior of your home.

roof replacement

If you are unsure on the state of your roof, there are a few signs to look out for. Getting your roof renewed is a big job to undertake so, it is important that you choose the right contractor to carry out the roof replacement.

Damaged or cracked tiles

Damp areas or leaks may indicate a cracked, slipped or damaged roof tile which will require a professional to replace. If you notice any leaking or signs of water damage, it’s more than likely that your roof tiles are damaged or missing and need replacing as quickly as possible. It is worth noting that if damaged or missing tiles become an extensive problem on your roof, the entire thing will need replacing.

roof replacement

Light is seeping through the roof boards

When examining the roof from inside your home, if you notice any gaps where the summer sun is filtering through. You must seek help from a professional roofing company straight away. Excessive damage will require urgent attention and will likely result in the roof needing to be replaced.

Sagging flat roofs

Exposure to extreme weather conditions can impact the functionality of your roof as the boards can start to buckle and break under the weight of the water, causing the roof to sag. In turn, this can affect the interior of your home by creating a rather dangerous, unsafe structure. Meaning the roof will need replacing immediately.

Cracks, puncture holes or splits on a flat roof

Flat roofs often fall victim to cracks, puncture holes or splits round the edges of the roof. This is caused by extreme weather. This can lead to water leaking through the gaps and can escalate to excessive water damage inside your home. Therefore, you must address this problem as quickly as possible and have your existing roof replaced with new Sarnafil single ply membrane.

Consider how well you roof has been looked after

If you or your home’s previous owner has not maintained the roof correctly, its lifespan will be shorter. For instance, if debris, such as leaves and branches have been left on the roof, this can cause damage and stop water from draining off properly. If gutters haven’t been cleaned regularly, this can cause problems as well.

You may not be sure whether you need your roof replacing. If you are unsure, you can contact one of our team members at Roofing Matters Group, and they will provide you with a free, no obligation quote.

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