Roofing Matters Group joins the long list of roofing contractors and becomes a member of the NFRC

Roofing Contractor

Upcoming roofing contractors, Roofing Matters Group have finalised the paperwork and officially become a member of the NFRC (National Federation of Roofing Contractors) adding to the arsenal of accreditations such as Roof Assured Sika, Danosa premier contactor, Seguro and Wofin single ply.

Being a NFRC member will ensure consumers are able to find expert reputable and reliable roofing companies online such as roofing matters group. NFRC was founded in 1892 and has since established itself as the UK’s major and most influential roofing trade association. Over 70% of the roofing industry (by value) is represented by NFRC who set the standards for all roofing disciplines.

Roofing Contractor

Why join the NFRC?

The NFRC prides itself on leading technical knowledge about roofing; and their members including roofing contractors, manufacturers and merchants that strive to meet the highest industry standards and all abide by their stringent. NFRC is the largest and most influential roofing trade association in the UK, promoting quality contractors and quality products, ensuring that its members are at the forefront of all roofing developments.

Why choose a NFRC roofing contractor to work on your roof?

NFRC actively ensures that all our members offer high standards of workmanship and sound business practice through a strict Code of Practice and vetting procedures, including site inspections and adherence to relevant regulations. NFRC Roofing Contractor members must pass a rigorous inspection before joining, and then have inspections every three years after that.

How do I find a NFRC contractor?

You can search in a number of ways using differing criteria, including your postcode. Searches help you find the nearest roofing contractor to you who has the expertise you require. You can find roofing matters groups NFRCs page here

You can check out Roofing Matters Groups NFRC page here.