Solar battery storage | what are the benefits?

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A solar battery storage system can be a very useful piece of equipment, but before going into whether it would be right for you, let’s first break down some of the key points surrounding them.

A common question most homeowners ask when looking to get a solar PV system is “what happens to all of the unused energy?” Well, there are two answers. Unused energy will either go back to the national grid or to a battery storage system for later use.

What is a solar battery storage system?

Solar battery storage allows you to store electricity generated from your solar panels to use at a later date. Adding a solar battery system is a great way to use renewable energy to increase your independence from the grid.

Solar panels generate the most energy throughout the day when, typically, homes use the least amount of electricity. This means your solar PV system will be producing a lot of surplus energy which would otherwise be wasted. Adding a battery allows you to store this extra electricity to use as and when you want.

Solar PV system

There are many benefits of investing into a battery storage system.

Optimal use of your solar energy

Solar panels generate renewable energy however, this energy source is completely reliant on what time of the day it is. Solar battery storage solves this by holding the additional energy generated, allowing you to use less of the UK national grid’s power supply and reducing your carbon footprint.

Save on your electricity bill

While a solar PV system will help reduce the energy consumption during the day, it’s during the evening your solar battery storage will discharge the stored energy. Providing you with a renewable-generated electricity at no additional cost.

Backup power

Solar battery storage can provide you with backup power when the grid goes down. Also, all the energy that was collected during the day, can be used in the evening, when most households would use their power.

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